About Barkily

The team of Barkily helps pet owners manage all their pet-care worries in one place by providing an app that helps record pet details, plan events, get reminders and even find a lost pet in the quickest possible time with a unique pet identification system. In short, they help you effectively manage your pet’s life and provide them the best care possible because they truly deserve it.


The client, who is a dog parent himself, came to us with the idea of creating an app that lets other dog parents world over, organize and manage all their dog-care needs in one place.

The client has four dogs and having tried several apps, felt that they lacked a well-rounded single-touchpoint experience. There was an urgent need for an app that could manage all aspects of dog care right from a daily meal planner to vaccination schedule, vet appointments and grooming trips.

The core requirement was to provide a solution that can help dog parents create a personalized itinerary of their dog-care needs and then receive regular alerts and so that they don’t have to remember dates and never miss an important activity. The app needed to efficiently manage the dog’s medical records, have a unique pet identification system and a pet finder too.

The app needed to be designed as a useful tool for not just dog parents but also care providers and vendors. So the app needed to have a vendor login and database to allow them to schedule appointments, manage client information and provide pet vaccination details as well as record test results and certifications.


  • The first thing that had to be done was to study similar apps available in app stores, observe what their strengths are and identify weaknesses that could be improved upon.
  • Another challenge was to streamline the certification process and make it work seamlessly between the dog parent and the vendors.
  • One of the trickiest challenges was to develop a unique pet identification system for each pet profile. After a good deal of brainstorming, we decided to go with barcode tags. To execute this to perfection, we had to shop around for the right vendor and collaborating with them, create a well functioning barcode identification system for each pet.
  • The biggest challenge by far, was the collection and management of an enormous amount of data. The client was very particular about a solid database of accurate, real-time data.
  • The app needed a high-functioning GPS and map connectivity that seamlessly worked with the database to accurately monitor position and activity, and display maximum information to the vendor and the pet-parent.
  • The app needed to effectively cater to the less tech-savvy group of users too. This was a whole other kind of challenge because the app had to integrate large amounts of data and multiple levels of information that led to a functional complexity. Despite this, the app needed to be extremely easy to navigate.
  • The client insisted on having the app developed with an exceptional design unlike any other app in this genre. It needed to integrate the highest features and functionality with the simplest, most minimal design.


  • Through a series of in-person meetings, we gained a thorough understanding of product usage expectations. We took the time to envision how the product will be used by the average user and created some prototypes.
  • We took the time to interact with every stakeholder of the app to gain perspective on how every user at every level will use the app. We then studied the opinions, suggestions and feedback of every stakeholder to come up with a solution that would work for all of them.
  • We undertook extensive research to come up with the best tags that needed to be designed for each pet.
  • Registration and certificate verification of every single vet was another event that took significant research.
  • We created detailed systems to synchronize the complaint lifecycles so that the dog parents and vendors could be on the same page at all times and every query was resolved in a timely manner. An effective request tracking mechanism was created to keep a record of everything each one of them needed.
  • Our design team ensured that the UI and UX provided optimal use of the app on both iPhone and Android.
  • Our development team ensured that the complexity of our product certification and tag tracking did not interfere with its ease of use.
  • Other features like booking appointments, adding customer/vendors, managing vaccination schedules, lab test and other information for the pet were designed in a way that’s easy to use.


Summing Up

Working on the Barkily App was a wonderful experience for the client as well as the team at Moveo Apps. We developed an app that has been loved by both dog parents and vendors alike as it combines top-notch functionalities with an easy and beautiful user experience.