About AnonymApp

The client wanted to create a chat app along with his partners, that was more private and secure than any other apps currently in the market. The client had a concept in mind and needed a strategic partner who could execute the concept into a viable product.


The client wanted an app resembling WhatsApp in its functionality but with a twist. The twist was that the app needed to have very high message confidentiality. It was desired that a message must auto-delete itself after being read by the recipient, completely protecting it from any third party.

The client was very particular about not using any third-party server or API to develop this functionality as he wanted to have complete control over the database and the server.


  • The challenge was to sift through all the available server and technology options and choose the best one that the application could be built on natively.
  • Another challenge was that the client had his mind made up about having a messaging app at par with WhatsApp. Fully aware of the popularity of WhatsApp, we knew we needed to design an app that delivered messages without a fraction of delay.
  • Client was very specific about the privacy and security of messages sent through the app. The app was to be designed in a way that a message would automatically be deleted after a certain specified time post it being read.
  • The ability to delete messages had to be automated as well as manual. So while the messages would auto delete, the client also wanted both - the sender and the recipient - to be able to delete the message, ensuring complete privacy on both ends.
  • The client wanted a design that was completely new and unique, unlike any other design in the current chat apps ecosystem.


  • The team at Moveo Apps worked hard to meet every single requirement set out by the client. There were multiple rounds of meetings and discussions to zero down on the technology that was most ideal.
  • A thorough research and analysis of a similar chat application was conducted to see how it works and what goes into it. We finally concluded the XMPP Server would be the right choice for this app allowing complete control and meeting all the client’s expectations.
  • The registration process in the app had to be done with SMS verification. So, we opted for Twillo the SMS API.
  • We made sure that the chat works smoothly and user can send/receive messages with zero delay.
  • We made sure that during image transfer between users, the image would be compressed just the right way to allow quick file transfer and downloading without deteriorating the image quality.
  • Managing the server required some very high technical skills. To have the ability to send, receive and automatically delete messages involved tactical server requests. Our highly qualified and creative developers managed the task with precision.
  • Our design team created the perfect UI and UX to provide a fantastic and seamless experience on both iPhone and Android app.


Summing Up

Developing the AnonymApp was a great experience for our team at Moveo Apps. It required a unique and creative bent of mind to develop a differentiated app in a market already filled with numerous chat apps, and we daresay we did a great job of it.