About Fanzz

The client came up with the initial concept to have a replica of his current web app. He was not happy with the design and wanted us to develop everything from scratch. Client was non-technical and had budget constraints. So, he wanted Moveo Apps to work closely as consultant and guide him in deciding the technology.


The client wanted an app that allows football fans to register and join a club. Fans will be able to post on their wall, view post from other fans of the same club, add them as friend, like, comment & share their post. He wanted all news related to football within the app. So, the fans don’t have to leave the app and go anywhere for the news.

Client wanted some control where he can manage the clubs. He also wanted a way to manage app users, active/inactive them when needed.


  • The biggest challenge was that client wanted a complete new design and logo and had very high expectation with the design.
  • The client was non-technical and had only concept in mind. He was not clear on technology and how the data will come.
  • Client wanted the news to be fetch from the proper news API. Also, he wanted us to use third party that is cost effective and at time allow white label solution.
  • Client being non-technical was a visualizer and wanted to see the things working to come up with final approval.


  • Our design team created the perfect UI and UX to provide a fantastic and seamless experience on both iPhone and Android app.
  • After going through the requirement and keeping client budget constraint in mind, we decide to move ahead with the React Native framework.
  • We did a lot of research with the news API provider and provided client with the API that fits his budget and requirement.
  • We tried to come of with few prototypes, where client could see how things will work. We got the client inputs and it helped team understanding his whole requirement clearly.