About NyteVibe

The client came up with the initial concept of NyteVibe a year ago. They wanted an app that allowed people going to a bar to see live pictures of the crowd at different bars and decide which one they’d like to go to that night. The client and the team at Moveo Apps sat through a round of discussions on the possible ways such an app could be developed. Once the client was happy with the proposed plan, the team got to work.


The client wanted an app that allowed users to view the live crowd at a bar, check-in at the bar, notify their group/friends and even get notified for any special offers from the bar. At the same time, they wanted to give bars the control to claim their listing, add managers to manage their bar information and send notifications to users about special offers or events at their bar.

In addition, they wanted an option for bar owners to claim multiple bars and assign managers to each. They also wanted admin control on all bar data and the bar owners. We created a backend where they could view all analytics and manage bar information.


  • The client was very particular about the way the app should be designed and wanted to go with hybrid technology instead of native.
  • At the same time, they wanted to make sure that using hybrid should not cause any functional limitation or performance issue.
  • The client wanted all bar data to be collected in the application prior to launch and they wanted the data latitude & longitude to be accurate as users were going to check-in to those bar locations.
  • Another challenge was that the client wanted the functionality wherein a video montage of memories could be created with different effects based on the pictures taken by users at the bar.
  • They wanted a functionality wherein the photo that got maximum views and likes would become the photo of the day and show up as the bar homepage.
  • Client wanted to provide bars the functionality of blast notification. This would allow them to notify users in and around the bar about the latest offers and ‘Tonight’s specials’.


  • We went through the design multiple times with client and made sure all the elements were as agreed upon. We made all the final adjustments that were needed in design prior to moving on to development.
  • The team at Moveo Apps worked hard to meet every single requirement set out by the client. There were multiple rounds of meetings and discussions to zero in on the technology that was most ideal.
  • After a thorough research and analysis of functionalities, we finally concluded that React Native would be the right choice for this app allowing complete control over design and meeting all the client’s expectations. It would also allow the use of hybrid technology as per the client’s wish.
  • Initially, the use of Google Places API was considered. But then due to API limitations, it was decided to scrape all bar data and provide a solution where admin can upload that data from backend.
  • The team had difficulties developing the video part with react native the way client wanted. So, we decided to create video on a native platform and then plug those modules in the React Native platform. We made sure that all processing takes place locally on device and the video is created within a fraction of seconds.
  • We made a provision for backend tracking to find which picture is getting viewed the most and then replacing it temporarily with the bar image. It was only supposed to stay for 24 hours, so a crone was made on the server to make sure it stays only for a 24 hours time period.
  • We created an event on server in a way that allowed for the blast notifications to be taken care of in the backend. This made process much faster. So, as soon as admin blasted any message, the users received them instantly, making sure no user in and around the bar ever missed any notification.


Summing Up

Developing NyteVibe was one of the most exciting projects that both, the client and the team at Moveo Apps enjoyed working on immensely. Developing an app for the young and dynamic bar-hopping demographic brought with it interesting design opportunities and doing so on a hybrid platform turned into a whole other challenge. Our team worked on every challenge with total vigor and the result was an app that is loved by clients and the users.