About ShopSnapIt

ShopSnapIt provides sellers the ability to quickly photograph and list clothing and accessories they wish to sell online. Small business owners, contractors, and service providers too can easily list their services and start selling instantly. Also, ShopSnapIt’s predictive analytics automatically directs traffic the sellers’ pages, helping their followers increase exponentially.

Shopping becomes a social experience – With ShopSnapIt, both buyers and sellers alike learn what is popular and trending, and how to save or earn fast cash! ANYONE can become a small business owner! It only requires having an attractive product or service and posting it to ShopSnapIt.

The Requirement

The client, who is an Executive Producer, Author and Speaker, came to us with the idea of creating a shopping app that includes a social experience.

During market research, the client felt that there is a lack of an app that allows users to make their buying decision based on other user’s experiences. Also, there was no way for those high-end, celebrity sellers to sell. ShopSnapIt was created as a way to showcase and sell the newest runway fashion while raising money for charity. 

The core requirement was to provide a solution that would help non-technical users create their seller account in super easy steps, without much technical complexity. The app needed to efficiently manage the buyer order records, as well as details like how many times has a product been liked, viewed and bought.

The app needed to be designed as a useful tool for not just sellers but also buyers. So the app needed to have a seller login and database allowing them to add products, view bids, manage order status and details as well as answer any queries on their posted products.


  • The first thing that had to be done was to study similar apps available in app stores, observe their strengths and identify weaknesses that could be improved upon.
  • Another challenge was to streamline the flow of shopping and integrate a social experience in it.
  • One of the trickiest tasks was to choose the right payment gateway keeping Apple guidelines in mind. The right payment gateway had to be chosen, one that had minimal transaction charges letting the seller get maximum amount in their accounts.
  • The biggest challenge by far, was the collection and management of an enormous amount of data. The client was very particular about a solid database of accurate, real-time data. The data was to be used to assign the rewards and product suggestions to users in future.
  • The app needed to include the ability to let users and sellers upload high-functioning images/videos. The images/videos had to be loaded faster on user side.
  • The app needed to effectively cater to the less tech-savvy group of users too. This was a whole other kind of challenge because the app had to integrate large amounts of data and multiple levels of information that led to a functional complexity. Despite this, the app needed to be extremely easy to navigate.
  • The client insisted on having the app developed with an exceptional design unlike any other app in this genre. It needed to integrate the highest features and functionality with the simplest, most minimal design.


  • Through a series of in-person meetings, we gained a thorough understanding of product usage expectations. We took the time to envision how the product will be used by the average user and created some prototypes.
  • We took the time to review all apps in this genre to gain perspective on how every user at every level will use the app. We then studied the opinions, suggestions and feedback of every stakeholder to come up with a solution that would work for all of them.
  • We undertook extensive research to come up with the right payment gateways. We made sure that certain features in the app were operated under the payment gateway and a few features like blast, buy, followers etc. were developed using the Apple/Google payment gateway thus making sure we don’t breach any Apple guidelines.
  • We carefully studied and understood the entire point and reward system. We tried to implement it in a way that would be easy for buyers and sellers to understand and use it against their products and services.
  • We created the server architecture in such a way that the entire process of uploading images/videos runs smoothly without affecting the other parts of the app. The images/videos were also designed to load asynchronous of each other giving users a better experience.
  • Our design team ensured that the UI and UX provided optimal use of the app on both iPhone and Android.
  • Our development team ensured that the complexity of our product with all of its many features did not interfere with its ease of use.
  • Other features like commenting, bid, buy, subscription, blast, followers, adding audio to profile page and other information for the seller/buyer were designed in a way that was easy to use.


Summing Up

Working on the ShopSnapIt App was a wonderful experience for the client as well as the team at MoveoApps. We developed an app that has been loved by many and received a lot of appreciation for its design. It combines top-notch functionalities with an easy and beautiful user experience.